Staff Experience

One of the largest and most experienced natural resource staffs in the state:

  • Over 100 yrs experience
  • Professional Wetland Scientists (2)
  • Licensed Soil Scientists (2)
  • Nine scientists (3 M.S., 6 B.S.)

NCDOT Qualifications

CEI is one of the most experienced NCDOT natural resource contractors:

  • Prequalified for all natural environment services
  • Awarded four consecutive NES on-calls (2008-present)
  • Successfully performed over 200 NCDOT projects
  • Over 60 years of NCDOT project experience
  • NCDOT Small Professional Services Firm


CEI is constantly keeping up with technical expertise through professional training:

  • USACE Wetland Delineation (4)
  • NCDWR Stream Identification (5)
  • NC Wetland Assessment Method (2)
  • NC Stream Assessment Method (2)

Industry Involvement

CEI stays involved in our industry to keep up with trends and lend our expertise:

  • NCAEP Executive Board (since 2003)
  • NCWRA At-Large Board Member
  • ACEC Subcommittee Chair
  • Chamber of Commerce Member
  • NC Stream Assessment trainer (Greg Price)